Magister Ludi Aviation of Milan is a company with a very special insight in the Aviation domain.
We have merged into a single organization the knowledge of the real airline operation and the strategies developed within the scientific community. Our team consists of airline managers, pilots, engineers and specialized psychologists working in the field of Human Factors in aviation.

Magister Ludi offers to Airlines, Operators and Aviation Organizations, Training solutions together with specialized Consultancy in areas like Airline Start-up; JAR and EASA Regulations; Airline documentation; Quality Assurance; Human Factors and Resource Management.

Magister Ludi Aviation is a Flight Training Organization (FTO N.19) and our courses are JAA approved.
Our Training activities embrace a wide range of educational and interactive systems, including development of Computer Based Training (CBT) systems, Web Based Training (WBT), design and implementation of Web-based application management systems and traditional Classroom Seminars.

Magister Ludi Aviation courses have all been realized with great attention to the contents and by merging the latest multimedia technologies available with the traditional classroom activities. This approach increases the level of shared knowledge and lessens the need for direct confrontation in the classroom, fitting high standard training for the tight scheduling of a fast-moving airline.

Magister Ludi's Aviation Consultancy is provided by professionals, whose expertise comes from Airline Start up, Airline Management and European Union Research Center. Our Aviation background range from Management to Training; from Academic Studies to Quality Assurance and, of course, Flight Operations.

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