In partnership with several operators of helicopter and fixed wing aircraft, including Western and Russian machinery, Project Services provides operational management solutions for commercial, government, NGO and international organisations such as the UN.

The consultancy work in the commercial sector has been further developed to include partnership involvement with selective projects, both for rotary and fixed wing aviation companies, including amphibian operations. Our experience ranges from commercial operations in Sweden to Humanitarian flights in the Sudan, start up airlines in the Middle East.

Recent history has shown more and more commercial entities working in remote or hostile areas which have been affected by natural disaster or war-related circumstances, so whether you simply need to deliver supplies or personnel to existing operations, or setup a complex aviation programme, our international team is able to advice and support.
During humanitarian emergencies such as the Tsunami or the Sudan crisis our teams extensive experience within UN agencies such as the WFP allows us to utilise our partnership capabilities for effective support to a number of diverse agencies.

Should you require fixed or rotary wing aircraft for private, commercial or specialist applications, you can trust that we will go beyond the simple fixes to provide innovative and effective solutions to meet entirely your every air support need.
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