Also referred to as Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA), Operational Flight Data Monitoring (OFDM) is the exploitation of flight data to enhance flight safety.

Flight Data Monitoring is an integral part of an airline's safety management system, analysis of flight data allows safety managers to identify trends and fully investigate the circumstances behind minor incidents so that operational procedures and training can be improved, along with raising awareness of safety issues within the company.

Data from an aircraft is first analysed to identify any exceedances - that is to say any events where the flight manual limitations or guidelines were breached. This is a specialist task undertaken by flight data analysts using sophisticated software tools. Once an event has been identified, an engineer will review the data to confirm its validity, after which the flight safety officer further investigates the circumstances behind the event.

Magister Ludi Aviation acts as Representative for Flight Data Services Ltd, a leading company in flight data acquisition, monitoring and analysis.
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